Cybersecurity: How to Safely Use Public WiFi?

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Public WiFi
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Public WiFi is everywhere now, from the hotels to the local coffee shop and airports. You will find free WiFi in almost all public areas. But did you know how to safely use public WiFi? Public WiFi is become a Cybersecurity problem now!

According to the recent survey, 53% of the smartphone/mobile phone owners and 70% of the tablet owners said they use the free public WiFi spots.’

Public WiFi is convenient

Using public WiFi is normal practice, as it has made our lives quite easier. We can easily check our emails on the move, surf the web and keep ourselves updated with social media.

Risks of Public WiFi

With the proliferation of free WiFi in public areas and the increased risks associated with public WiFi, many laptop and mobile users are risking their digital identities, personal information and money. In addition, if your device is not protected by an effective anti-malware security product, the risk may be even greater. Hackers can easily steal our data over public WiFi, intercepting and transmitting it over the link.

Protect Your Information When Using the Public WiFi

No doubt, public WiFi attacks are common, but there are ways by which you can protect yourself from threats and risks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Stay With VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you use a VPN while connecting to the public WiFi network, you efficiently use the private tunnel that encrypts all of the data that moves through the network. This measure can help hinder the cybercriminals that are hiding over the network and stop them from catching your data.

  • Never Sign-in to the Accounts Permanently

Always make sure you are logging out from all of your accounts. Also, don’t sign in permanently to any public account.

  • Don’t Giveaway too Much Infomation

Be very conscious of when signing up for public WiFi access. If you are being questioned for a bunch of your personal information like phone number and email address, only stick to the platforms you recognize and trust. You can also provide an email that is not your primary email.

  • Don’t Use the Same Passwords Everywhere!

If you are using the same passwords while surfing through the public networks, you need to stop there! Because it could provide someone access to those accounts which have the same passwords by only achieving accessibility to one of your accounts.

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  • Avoid Using Sites With Red Signals

Many web browsers alert the users before they download a malicious program or visit a scammy website. Please don’t ignore such warnings and also keep your browser’s security up to date.

  • Never Access Your Financial and Personal Information

While using the free public Wi-Fi, always assume that this network is unsafe, and I should not access my personal info until I have a reliable network. While guarding against the risks of public WiFi, home routers should be equally guarded against risks, and having a secure router like Speedefy KX450 can make you safer online.

Build the awareness of risk

Please remember, any device like laptop, smartphone, and tablet is at risk when using public WiFi. The need of the hour is to understand that public WiFi has risks and your digital security is crucial. Public WiFi is about Cybersecurity. This understanding can prevent your loved ones and you from falling victim to the public WiFi risks. Some tips mentioned above are simple, easy, and could save you from cybercrooks anywhere!


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