How do I set up web-based remote management?

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The web-based remote management feature lets you access your router over the Internet to view or change its settings.

To access the configuration page, please log in to the web management page, and select System Settings > Web-based Remote Management.



Remote Management

Enable or disable the web-based remote management function.

Remote IP Address

It specifies the IP address of the host which can access the web UI of the router remotely.

l It indicates that hosts with any IP address from the Internet can access the web management page of the router. It is not recommended for security.

l Other specified IP address: Only the host with the specified IP address can access the web UI of the router remotely. If the host is under a LAN, ensure that the IP address is the IP address of the gateway of the host (a public IP address).


It specifies the port number of the router which is opened for remote management. Change it as required.

l The port number from 1 to 1024 has been occupied by familiar services. It is strongly recommended to enter a port number from 1025 to 65535 to prevent confliction.

l Remote management can be achieved by visiting “http://the WAN IP address of the router:port number”. If the DDNS host function is enabled, the web UI can also be accessed through “http://the domain name of the router’s WAN port:port number”.


Scenario: The router is in your home, and you want to access the router’s web management page to change settings when you are in the company.

Solution: You can configure the remote management function in advance to reach the goal. Assume that:

−The IP address of your company’s computer:

−The WAN port IP address of the router:

Configuring procedure:

Step 1: Launch an Internet browser from a computer or wireless device that is connected to the network.

Step 2: Type or A login screen displays.

Step 3: Enter the login password, and select System Settings > Remote Management.

Step 4: Enable the web-based Remote Management.

Step 5: Enter the IP address that is allowed to access the web UI remotely, which is in this example.

Step 6: Click Save.

When completing the configurations, you can access and web management page of the router by visiting “” on your computer in the company.


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